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Norway Gardens Celebrates 45 Years of Business and Looks Ahead to Next Chapter

Forty-five years ago Tom and Amy Herman, two young teachers, decided to change careers. They purchased a small garden and gift shop in Monticello IN. Known as Long’s Garden Shop, it was housed in a building that had once been a one-room school and later a church. Its owners operated a seasonal business offering bedding plants for about three months in the spring and garden accessories throughout the summer and fall. Inside the building was a gift store with an assortment of artificial flowers and giftware. After purchasing this business, the Hermans changed the name of the business to Norway Gardens since it was located in the unincorporated village of Norway just north of Monticello.

The new name was just the beginning of the changes. Through the years Norway Gardens has grown and now has a wide variety of offerings. The original building houses a gift store that features fashion accessories, home and garden décor, candles and much more. In addition a building was erected next to the Gift Store to house the Garden Center, which offers not only trees, shrubs, perennials, and annuals but also complete gardening supplies. Other buildings were added to service the Landscape Division of Norway Gardens and four greenhouses were built so the company could grow the high quality plants its customers had learned to expect. Two years ago the newest addition was made to the business: a full-service Floral Shop.

Tom and Amy Herman have not strayed far from their teaching roots. Throughout their years of business their goal has been to provide customers with not only excellent products but also to offer the knowledge homeowners need to be successful in their garden and landscape ventures. Selling success has been a priority and Norway Gardens sends out newsletters weekly with garden tips plus periodically offers workshops and seminars to help their customers learn the tips so important in making gardening a rewarding pleasure.

Now the Hermans are looking toward a new chapter in their business. Hoping to retire before too long, they have put Norway Gardens on the market in hopes of finding buyers who share their love of gardening and who are committed to offering outstanding products and service to Monticello and White County. They are not closing their doors. Business will continue as usual and by finding suitable new owners, Tom and Amy are confident that Norway Gardens will continue its important place in Monticello’s business community. Real estate representative for this new venture is Joe Boarini of Quest Commercial Real Estate in Indianapolis IN.  He can be contacted at 317-431-7794

Planting & Caring for Pots of Flowers

Pots of blooming flowers make a stunning addition to patio or landscape. In order to enjoy your pots and your plants to their fullest, however, there are steps you should follow in planting your pots.

1.     Be sure your pots have drainage. Choose pots that have holes in the bottom or in which holes can be drilled.
2.     Use a good potting soil in your pots. We recommend Baccto Professional Potting Soil, which we use in all our greenhouses for our planting. This potting soil never packs and can be used for several years. Beware of using potting mixes that have fertilizer added to them. Remember that pots require frequent watering, which in turn leaches the fertilizer out of the soil. Fertilizer that comes mixed in your potting soil will quickly disappear as you water your pots so why spend extra money for such potting soil? If you have good potting soil in your pot from last year, you can replenish it and use it again this year. Simply pour it out into a wheelbarrow, fluff it up, get rid of old roots, and then put this soil in the bottom half or two-thirds of your pot. Fill the top with new soil. Another option is to rejuvenate your soil with Natural Guard Soil Activator-- a great product for helping your soil make nutrition available to your plants.
3.     If you can't water your pots as often as you should, addSoil Moist or Hydrostretch to your soil. These granules fill with water and hold it until the surrounding soil needs the moisture.
4.     When possible use large pots for your pot-planting. They give your plants room for their roots to grow. They also hold moisture much better.
5.     After you have planted your pots, water them the first time with Fertilome Root Stimulator to get the roots to start growing quickly.
6.     Water your pots as needed. Keep the soil moist but not wet.
7.     Plan to fertilize your pots weekly with a good water-soluble fertilizer such as Fertilome 20-20-20 rotated with Fertilome 9-58-8 (for lots of bloom.) Another good choice are the Jack's brand of fertilizers, which have excellent micro-nutrients for excellent plant health. If you are planting petunias or calibrachoa (which are high feeders), consider Jack's Petunia FeED (20-6-22). It helps keep the foliage of these plants from turning yellow.

With a little TLC your pots can be a source of beauty and delight all summer and well into the fall.

Guard Against Blight on Tomatoes

Tomato blight can ruin a gardener's dreams of tomatoes! Blight is a fungal disease spread by spores. It is most severe in wet weather. There are three basic kinds of blight on tomatoes, Septoria Leaf Spot, early blight caused by the fungus Alternaria solani, and late blight from the fungal-type organism known as Phytophthora infestans .

Septoria leaf spot appears on the lower leaves of the plant after tomatoes begin setting on the plant. This fungus rarely affects the fruits of the plant but it reduces yield and quality. As leaves thin out from this fungus, the exposed tomatoes no longer have leaf protection from the sun and often are damaged by sunscald. This fungus spreads from plant to plant by splashing water.

Early blight affects lower leafs first too. It is first seen as dark brown to black spots on the leaves. Later the leaves turn yellow and drop. Even the stems of the tomato can be affected by early blight. Sometimes black spots appear on the tomatoes as well and often the tomatoes fall off the plant before they have a chance to ripen. This fungus overwinters on old tomato vines as well as on certain weeds.

Late blight most often appears in moist weather when nights are cool and days are quite warm. This fungus shows itself with dark green to nearly black wet-looking spots that begin spreading from the edges of the tomato leaves. Often a downy white growth appears on the lower leaf surface close to the outer part of the spots. This fungus is a rapid spreader!

What can be done about tomato blight? First, don't plant tomatoes in the same spot each year. Rotate them so you plant them in the same spot every three to four years. Next, if you have had a problem with blight before, plan to use a good veggie-safe fungicide such as Fertilome Broad Spectrum Landscape & Garden Fungicide or Bonide Fung-onil. These fungicides need to be applied every week or two beginning before any fungus appears. Once you see it, you may be too late in your efforts to destroy it.

With proper planning and care, you can avoid tomato blight and have a great harvest of tomatoes.

Twilight Seminars at Norway Gardens

For many years, Tuesday evening seminars at Norway Gardens have been popular among area residents. These Twilight Seminars, which take place at 6:30 p.m. on the first four Tuesday nights in June, provide delightful entertainment while helping attendees get gardening ideas and techniques. Following each seminar is an hour-long shopping time, during which attendees enjoy 10% off all their purchases throughout the store. The first seminar, entitled "What's new in Trees, Shrubs, Plants, and Gardening for 2015, will take place Tuesday evening, June 2. During the presentation, Tom Herman and Mary Ann Novack, both Indiana Certified Horticulturists, will show many new varieties of plant material, explain their uniqueness, and guide the audience in the best uses for them.

The dates and topics of the three remaining seminars are as follows:

*June 9 -- "Shady Secrets for Ensuring a Beautiful Shade Garden" -- an in-depth look at shade gardening and the delight they can be. We will show you lovely shade plants as well as lots of shade gardening tips.

***June 16 --  June 16 -- "Ring Out the Coral Bells!" -- New varieties of Coral Bells are developed each year and they are simply beautiful and so versatile. This seminar is all about Coral Bells -- varieties, growing tips, ways to use them, and more.

***June 23 -- "Designing Baskets with Herbs & Foliage Plus Party Time" -- Monica, our Floral Designer, will show lots of great ways to design floral creations using herbs and foliage. Following this final seminar of the series will be "Party Time." During the shopping hour, refreshments will be offered to attendees.

Don't miss this great opportunity for fun and learning at Norway Gardens on these Tuesday evenings in June.There is no charge for attending and no need to sign up in advance. Simply arrive and enjoy the show. Who says learning how to be a successful gardener can't be fun?

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